You Should Know

You Should Know…..William Wegman
The work of William Wegman is a wonderful example of art that doesn’t take itself too seriously – beautiful photographs with a sense of humour. Wegman is known for his portraits (and/or collaborations) with primarily his own Weimaraner dogs in various costumes and poses. Read more – ‘You Should Know…..William Wegman’.
You Should Know…Betty Goodwin
The work of Betty Goodwin is fluid, ethereal, and fragile. Figures float or fall through transparent layers, thick tarpaulins hang as sculpture, and artifacts become x-rays. Using a variety of media, Goodwin’s work is frequently raw and autobiographical, revisiting themes and materials over and over again. Read more – ‘You Should Know…Betty Goodwin’.
You Should Know…..Michael Snow
Canadian artist Michael Snow began producing multidisciplinary art in 1957, and is still working today. Working in everything from sculpture, to painting, to music, Snow’s work is fun, and memorable. It exists equally in famous museums and public spaces. Read more – ‘You Should Know…..Michael Snow’.
That’s A Job! (Food Stylist)
With this interview, we look into another behind-the-scenes job. Many times, it’s the photographer who gets all the glory, when in reality, a whole team of people were involved in creating the shot. On a food shoot, one of those members can be a food stylist; a professional who makes everyone one the team look [...] Read more – ‘That’s A Job! (Food Stylist)’.
You Should Know… Bernard Faucon
I first became aware of Bernard Faucon’s work while I was still a student. We were looking at ways text and image can coexist, and this guy took it farther than you’d probably imagine: He had large words cut out of wood, then covered them in reflective tape so they would bounce back his flash [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Bernard Faucon’.
Roundup: A Few New Blogs
We’re all for people creating informed work, seeing new things , and being inspired. Eugen and I both attended Kiana Hayeri’s opening last night at the I.M.A. Gallery; and if you’re inToronto, we suggest you check it out. (Obviously, we also suggest that you attend our Flightpath artist talk with Kiana herself). If you can’t [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: A Few New Blogs’.
You Should Know… Martin Parr
You will either love or hate Martin Parr’s work – it has oddly, given its content, been the target of a lot of controversy. When going through the process to join Magnum, Philip Jones Griffiths (a former president of the agency) said “Let me state that I have great respect for him as the dedicated [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Martin Parr’.
You Should Know… Taryn Simon
I’ve held off talking about Taryn Simon for a long time because she is so recent. I’ll be honest, she is my favourite photographer and upon receiving her newest book – A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters, I can no longer keep quiet. Simon’s work should definitely be on your radar! Read more – ‘You Should Know… Taryn Simon’.
You Should Know… Yasumasa Morimura
It’s a bold move to place oneself in art history. Yasumasa Morimura takes the most famous works from the history of art and digitally inserts his own face and body into the pieces. Morimura appropriates everything from the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh  to Cindy Sherman’s photographs in the creation of his own work. Read more – ‘You Should Know… Yasumasa Morimura’.
You Should Know… Robert Mapplethorpe
The work of Robert Mapplethorpe is as famous for the controversy it caused as for its technical and artistic achievement. His sexually charged images stirred serious discussion about censorship and public finding for the arts when he began a traveling exhibition funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. Read more – ‘You Should Know… Robert Mapplethorpe’.
You Should Know… Juergen Teller
Contemporary photographer Juergen Teller is an example of blurred boundaries between the worlds of fine-art and commercial photography. His unusual style crosses back and forth, shooting advertising campaigns for major fashion houses, as well as exhibiting work as a gallery-represented artist. Read more – ‘You Should Know… Juergen Teller’.
You Should Know: John Szarkowski
In the most recent You Should Know post, I mentioned that Edward Steichen appointed John Szarkowski as his replacement as the Director of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Szarkowski held that post for 29 years and in the process helped elevate photography’s status in the art world to unprecedented heights. [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know: John Szarkowski’.
You Should Know: Edward Steichen
Edward Steichen was one of the great photographers of the first half of the 20th century and was highly influential. His practice resembled rather closely what is that standard today – he would do commercial work to pay for his fine art. He also curated one of the most famous photography exhibitions in history. Additionally [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know: Edward Steichen’.
You Should Know…Gregory Crewdson
American photographer Gregory Crewdson is best known for his elaborately staged and lit photographs. Referencing cinema, the vignettes seems as if there were taken right out of a film, depicting twilight moments that often feel supernatural. His work has been exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at MOMA and The Guggenheim. [Bonus: His Sanctuary project is [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know…Gregory Crewdson’.
You Should Know… Lauren Greenfield
Lauren Greenfield is an American photographer and film maker whose work focuses on youth culture, particularly in regards to wealth, body image, gender, eating disorders, consumerism, and more. Her access to families and kids is unbelievable, resulting in fascinating images. On top of that, she is an eloquent and intelligent speaker making her lectures a [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Lauren Greenfield’.
You Should Know: Kara Walker
I was first introduced to the work of Kara Walker in university while watching PBS’s great series Art:21. She immediately stood out from the many other artists because of her medium and scale – large silhouette cut-outs – and the sublime imagery with which she explored her subject matter – power struggle involving race and [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know: Kara Walker’.
You Should Know…..Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Husband and wife team Christo and Jeanne-Claude are sculptors of a kind. They have wrapped the German parliament building in aluminium fabric, installed a white nylon fence in California, and covered a Swiss forest in polyester. Through wrapping, some of the most basic features and proportions of the object are revealed, by concealing the actual [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know…..Christo and Jeanne-Claude’.
You Should Know… Gerhard Richter
Today we feature the work of our first non-photographer. However, the work of German artist Gerhard Richter is so technically perfect, one could often mistake his paintings for photographs. Richter’s paintings are based on photographs, and the detail is blurred through his painting technique. Read more – ‘You Should Know… Gerhard Richter’.
You Should Know… Lewis Hine
So far we have focused on fine art and commercial photographers in our You Should Know posts. Today I want to take a look at Lewis Hine – an early social documentarian who attempted to incite reforms through his work. What is interesting about Hine is how “fine-art” his images seem. If he was working [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Lewis Hine’.
You Should Know… Rineke Dijkstra
You could argue that I’ve chosen Rineke Dijkstra for this week’s You Should Know… post because I really like saying (and typing) her name, but you would only be part right. The truth is, Dijkstra is one of those rare photographers whose work you come across and are immediately stopped in your tracks. Seemingly simple [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Rineke Dijkstra’.
You Should Know…Edward Burtynsky
The work of Canadian contemporary photographer Edward Burtynsky is instantly recognizable; large, colorful, and richly detailed images of a landscape that explores the link between industry and nature. Read more – ‘You Should Know…Edward Burtynsky’.
You Should Know… Robert Frank
Swiss born photographer Robert Frank is a photographic legend whose inspiration can still be felt today. His book The Americans broke many photographic rules of the time and created a new standard for social documentary photography. He is also responsible for the romanticised idea of the photographic road trip, which continues to crop up as [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Robert Frank’.
You Should Know… Jeff Wall
Canadian photographer Jeff Wall is largely responsible for shifting photography to being accepted as a true art form, equal to painting and sculpture. As a result of his deep knowledge of art history and theory his work is rich in meaning and is meticulously constructed. His large back-lit photographs have influenced many generations of photographers and sell [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Jeff Wall’.
You Should Know…Cindy Sherman
Best known for her series ‘Untitled Film Stills’, Cindy Sherman is a woman of many faces. She appears in most of her own work, but uses costume and make-up to depict anonymous women. Read more – ‘You Should Know…Cindy Sherman’.
You Should Know…The Bechers
The German husband and wife team are known for their systematic photography of disappearing industrial structures. If you’ve ever shot a project based on typology, or presented in a grid format, you should be aware of their work. (Everyone else knows them, you should too). Read more – ‘You Should Know…The Bechers’.
You Should Know… Andres Serrano
Having been raised a Roman Catholic, Andres Serrano rose to fame with his work Piss Christ. The large colour photograph showed a small statuette of Christ submerged in Serrano’s urine. Much of his other work explores controversial topics such as death, race, sex, and bodily fluids. Censorship, death threats, and hate mail are all in [...] Read more – ‘You Should Know… Andres Serrano’.
You Should Know…..Annie Leibovitz
Getting her start shooting for Rolling Stone magazine, Leibowitz is likely the most famous portrait photographer of the 21st century.  She has photographed actors, musicians, dancers, models, and presidents.  Her work can be seen in The Museum of Contemporary Art, and on magazine covers in the checkout line at Loblaws.  This woman’s work is everywhere. Read more – ‘You Should Know…..Annie Leibovitz’.
You Should Know….Yousuf Karsh
After immigrating to Canada from Armenia at age seventeen, Yousuf Karsh became one of the world’s most accomplished portrait photographers. His subjects include everyone from Fidel Castro to Queen Elizabeth II, Audrey Hepburn to Pope John Paul II. Read more – ‘You Should Know….Yousuf Karsh’.