Roundup: Laptop Cases
I finally joined the cool kids and got a laptop. It arrived yesterday afternoon, and I’m super excited about all the possibilities owning a laptop opens up. (Working out on the patio? Yes please!). This also means that I spent yesterday evening dream-shopping for the perfect case for my new techno-baby. I’ve pulled together some [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Laptop Cases’.
Students to Watch: Image Arts, Ryerson
One of the exciting things about this time of year, is getting to visit various schools’ end of the year shows. It can be a bit overwhelming seeing so much new work in such a short period of time, but there are definitely many gems to be found. Today we’ve got a selection of some [...] Read more – ‘Students to Watch: Image Arts, Ryerson’.
Roundup: The Money
With nearly 200 posts under our belt, we thought it might be time to round up a few of our faves so those of your who are new to the site don’t miss out on all of our earlier content. One of the main topics readers ask us about is money; how to negotiate for [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: The Money’.
Roundup: Online Photoshop Tutorials
A while ago we talked about Lynda tutorials in the post Knowing What You Need to Know. While Lynda is awesome, not everyone has the money to spend nearly $40 a month for a subscription and sometimes you just need to learn one specific skill so subscribing doesn’t make sense. There are many other tutorial websites (free [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Online Photoshop Tutorials’.
Roundup: Five Photo Blogs to Follow
With the holidays approaching, you may have some time to rest up and refresh. You might even have some time to do a little reading. Though there are many photo blogs worth reading, we’ve rounded up five we think you should know about (if you don’t already). But if you have any suggestions to share, [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Five Photo Blogs to Follow’.
Roundup: Finding Grants
It isn’t uncommon for artists to fund projects or exhibitions through grants. We’ve had a few readers ask us where one can find listings for grants and granting bodies. We’re lucky in Canada as we have a pretty good granting system that is accessible to artists at all levels in their careers, from what I [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Finding Grants’.
Roundup: Work Space Improvements
I’ve been in the same house for two years now, and I still feel like I’m settling in. Especially when it comes to my work space. It’s kind of ironic that the place I spend the most time has gotten the least attention from me. It’s important to have a space to work that is [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Work Space Improvements’.
Roundup – Developing Film in Toronto
It seems it’s getting harder and harder to find places that develop film in the city if you’re looking for anything other than regular 35mm C41. At the same time, there is still quite a bit of demand from artists and art school students. Luckily you can still get almost any type of film developed, [...] Read more – ‘Roundup – Developing Film in Toronto’.
Round Up: Renting Equipment in Toronto
One of the great things about art school is access to expensive equipment – DSLRs, lenses, 4×5 cameras, strobe kits – it isn’t cheap. Once you graduate and that access is gone it really hurts. Often times you need a specific piece of equipment for one shoot or something is just too expensive, enter equipment [...] Read more – ‘Round Up: Renting Equipment in Toronto’.
Roundup: Sheridan College Creatives
As Ryerson Alumni, Eugen and I often feel somewhat biased towards their student work.  To be fair, Ryerson fosters some talented photographers (you can see some here), but so do other institutions. Sheridan College has it’s own share of creative talent (and illustrators, and painters…..), and their student magazine, Travis, is amazing! It’s well written, [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Sheridan College Creatives’.
Roundup: Student Discounts
Education is obviously one of the best benefits of being a student, but one of the bonuses is the student discount. Often taken for granted by those to whom it is available, the student discount can save you hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars. If you’re a student, you should get in the habit of [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Student Discounts’.
Roundup: Coworking Spaces
Regardless of how great working from home is made out to be, many people have trouble staying focused when working on their own. For freelancers it can be even tougher because you have to manage yourself and it’s easy to move tasks on to the next day. Renting an office on the other hand is [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Coworking Spaces’.
Roundup: Awesome Podcasts
As I mentioned in one of our early posts – The Idea Machine, podcasts are a great way to stay current and have fresh ideas and interesting news flowing your way. There are hundreds of podcasts, both video and audio, on every topic imaginable, just hit the Podcast tab in the iTunes store. I often [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Awesome Podcasts’.
Roundup: Photo Competitions
As an emerging photographer, entering competitions can be a great way to get your name out there. Even if you don’t win, competitions give you a chance to get your work in front of people you might not have access to otherwise. Many juried competitions have entry fees, but what’s a mere $35 compared to [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Photo Competitions’.
Roundup: Films on Art & Photography
As someone who loves watching movies of all kinds, I’m always on the lookout for films about photography and the art world in a broader sense. Because of the niche market for movies about art, they’re often screened for a limited time – perhaps at a film festival or in conjunction with an artist talk [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Films on Art & Photography’.
Roundup: Emerging Photographers
Inevitably, art school graduation shows are a bit hit and miss. Thus, it was refreshing to see so much great work at this year’s Maximum Exposure – Ryerson’s School of Image Arts’ annual grad show. Nearly all the work was technically superb and there were so many interesting and unique projects that everyone I spoke [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Emerging Photographers’.
Roundup: Online Backup Services
There was always someone in my class whose laptop gave up just before a major assignment was due. The computer would have to go in for repair, and they would be left with nothing. (Those people became the first kids on the block to run out and buy external backup drives). Think about it: right [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Online Backup Services’.
Roundup: Bags on Wheels
Equipment and accessories will come and go, but your feet and back will be with you until you die. I think people often forget what a physical job photography is; you can be walking, standing, crouching, and kneeling for long periods of time. Not to mention hauling your gear around (don’t get me started about [...] Read more – ‘Roundup: Bags on Wheels’.
Web Apps to Supercharge Your Business
It’s incredible how many great web apps there are today to help run your business. As freelancers, we are extra lucky because nearly all of them offer free full-feature accounts for smaller companies. Below is a list of my favourite apps – I use them almost every day to help me work smarter, faster, and generally [...] Read more – ‘Web Apps to Supercharge Your Business’.
Better than Roses
Here at Knock Twice, we’re not huge fans of pink and red pre-valentines day gift posts. We are, however, big fans of gifts. For any reason. Especially the nerdy kind.  This is an online-gift-source round-up for those of us who can celebrate our inner photo-nerd, those of us who want to deck out our homes, [...] Read more – ‘Better than Roses’.
The Best iPhone Apps for Freelancers
I doubt I have to sell you on how amazing smart phones are. For freelancers, the smart phone is the device we’ve been waiting for. Easy access to email, contacts, calendar, documents, THE INTERNET – it’s a miracle. I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon when the 3G came out and have upgraded to the iPhone [...] Read more – ‘The Best iPhone Apps for Freelancers’.