Events: September 2012
September is hangin’ out downstairs, waiting for you while you run around finishing getting ready. You know you’re going to be late, but need to change your sweater one last time…..September doesn’t care. It’s basically ready to go. Settle on the sweater you’re already wearing, and get out to do some stuff. Read more – ‘Events: September 2012’.
Luminance 2012
You may have already picked up on the fact that we’re big fans of lifelong learning here at Knock Twice. Knowing what you don’t know, or fleshing out what you do know are both really valuable to help you grow as an artist, a business owner, and a person in general. Which is why we’re [...] Read more – ‘Luminance 2012’.
Events: August 2012
With summer heat and whatnot, we’re a few days late on our August event post! No one really seems to be lacking things to do this time of the year, but there’s still a ton of great art and events happening in and around this fair city.  Read more – ‘Events: August 2012’.
Events: July 2012
It seems like everyone I know is either leaving to go on or just coming back from a trip. If you’re sticking around for the coming month there is plenty to see and do in the city. From the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair to Daniel Neuhaus’ show in the Distillery District, you can see some [...] Read more – ‘Events: July 2012’.
Events: June 2012
Though CONTACT will soon be over, there is still plenty to check out, and given the beautiful weather there’s no reason not to. June is especially exciting for me as my new show will be opening next week! But before we get to next month’s the events, we’ve got another pair of Flightpath Artist Talks on tomorrow (May [...] Read more – ‘Events: June 2012’.
Events: May 2012
May is almost here, and that means it’s time to get your photography-marathon on! The CONTACT photography festival, an event that turns Toronto into one huge photo exhibition, launches tonight. Though it was definitely hard to narrow the list down, we’ve put together a list of five events we think you should have a look [...] Read more – ‘Events: May 2012’.
Hot Docs is Coming!
April is here, and that means that Hot Docs is quickly approaching! For those who’ve never been, Hot Docs is Canada’s International Documentary Film Festival which takes place in Toronto and runs from April 26th to May 6th. It is a great place to see new documentary films from around the world, many of which [...] Read more – ‘Hot Docs is Coming!’.
Events: April 2012
The sun is out and, though you may need a jacket, it’s time for walking around and experiencing some art. There are some great exhibitions and events in April; I’m especially excited about the two painting shows. And we’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to seeing this month. Read more – ‘Events: April 2012’.
Events: March 2012
Thank you to everyone who came out to join us last night for our first Flightpath artist talks. We had a great turnout, and both of our speakers were really well received. Our second set of talks will be on March 27th, and we’ll be posting the details as we get a little closer to [...] Read more – ‘Events: March 2012’.
Events: February 2012
From YouTube star / artist Hennesy Youngman giving a talk to Jesse Louttit’s amazing project - No Roads, I’m really excited for several events in the coming month! I’m also trying to plan a trip to Montreal to see some of Taryn Simon’s work in person at DHC/ART. It’ll be a busy month, can’t wait! Read more – ‘Events: February 2012’.
Events: January 2012
As you’re finalizing your New Year’s plans and figuring out how not to break all your new year’s resolutions the first week of January, be sure to pencil in a few gallery visits into your schedule. There are some great shows going up, one I’m really looking forward to is “Suspension” by Joshua MacDonald. We [...] Read more – ‘Events: January 2012’.
Events: December 2011
December is fast approaching, along with a break from school and work! We’ve got a good selection of events including shows, an art store opening, and a print sale. So whether you’re looking for art related gifts, need new supplies for next year, or just want some inspiration, be sure check out the following events. Read more – ‘Events: December 2011’.
Events: November 2011
If you’re a student, by mid-November you’ll be up to your eyeballs in work. So why not get out and take advantage of all that free time you haven’t realized that you have yet? This month’s features include installation art, painting, sculpture, and a zine launch party. Read more – ‘Events: November 2011’.
Events: October 2011
Of course Toronto’s big event this month is Nuit Blanche, the all-night arts festival. But there are lots of other great things going on as well. If you’re a photo nerd (or just someone who’s always wanted to own a daguerreotype), I highly recommend the Photo Historical Society’s fall fair. I found this guy last [...] Read more – ‘Events: October 2011’.
Events: September 2011
This is it, folks: September. Along with muggy rainstorms comes the desire to turn over a new leaf, start new projects, and get serious. I often see September as a mini-new year, and so resolutions abound. How about “try to see more art, and get to more exhibition openings”? Sounds good, eh? Here are some [...] Read more – ‘Events: September 2011’.
Events: August 2011
For those going back to school August marks the last month of freedom before plunging head first into assignments and projects. Be sure to get out, look at some work, and attend talks to get you inspired! Also, remember that we post events throughout the month to our Facebook page, additionally we’ve started posting calls [...] Read more – ‘Events: August 2011’.
Events: July 2011
The summer’s moving quickly; we’re almost into July! September will be here before we know it, so in addition to swimming, heading to cottages, and hanging out on patios with cold drinks, consider hitting up some of the following July events here in the city. Read more – ‘Events: July 2011’.
Events: June 2011
While June seems to be a month of festivals, we’ve chosen a few events that have a very limited engagement, including Doors Open Toronto, where our own Eugen Sakhnenko will be giving a talk. Anyone in the Boston area should definitely check out the Flash Forward festival, and if you’re sticking around Toronto, be sure to [...] Read more – ‘Events: June 2011’.
Events: May 2011
We’re obviously excited for the Contact Photography Festival here at Knock Twice, but the month of May has a lot of other cool stuff going for it too. (That being said, do be sure to check out as much of the Contact Festival as you can….) Read more – ‘Events: May 2011’.
Events: April 2011
It’s hard to think about shows in April when CONTACT is just around the corner – they’re releasing all the info April 1st! However, there are great shows aplenty until then, so be sure to get out there and have a look. I am especially excited to see the Function Exhibition, run by the team [...] Read more – ‘Events: April 2011’.
Events: March 2011
Wow, February flew by, it’s hard to believe it’s time for another events post already. This one is extra exciting for me as it features my first solo show! Additionally, there is work by Stephen Appleby-Barr (I love his paintings), Ron Teranda, Travis Shilling, and Meryl McMaster. We also put up new events we come [...] Read more – ‘Events: March 2011’.
Events: February 2011
Thanks for checking out our very first events post. Going to shows, lectures, and seminars is a great way to get inspired, learn more about your practice, and meet others in your industry. This is something Erika and I have been trying to actively do more as well. Thus, on the last Friday of each [...] Read more – ‘Events: February 2011’.